Report Your Child's Absence

Please either telephone the school 01255 860210 or click this link Please ensure that you are entering your child’s information in the email.


Request for leave of absence

If you would like to apply for time out of school during term time, please complete a Leave of Absence. Please see a copy of the guidance received from Essex County Council - this is found in COPY LETTERS dated 8th May 2019.


WHy good attendance is important

The world is run by those who turn up!

  • Attending school every day = 100% attendance.
  • Attending 4 1/2 days a week = 90% attendance = 4 weeks missed per year.
  • Attending school 4 days a week = 80% attendance = more than half a term missed per year.
  • Attending 3 1/2 days a week = 70% attendance = more than a quarter of the school year missed.
  • An average attendance of 80% or less across a child's school career adds up to missing 2 whole school years from school. Being late for school reduces learning time.
  • If you are 5 minutes late every day, you will miss 3 days of learning each year.
  • If you are 15 minutes late every day, you will miss 2 weeks of learning each year.

Make every minute count!