Shark class - Year 4 - Miss Tattum


This term in Class AT, all our work has been completed in connection with our ‘Kings and Queens’ topic. 

For our topic we have been focusing on Henry VIII and the Tudor era, we have made Tudor roses with tissue paper and enjoyed lots of cutting out! For Dance we have been creating a Tudor dance sequence, while in Art we will be looking at the differences between modern age and the time of King Henry VIII. For Science we will be exploring the digestive system and what we need to do to keep our teeth healthy, this will link in with our topic as we will be comparing the different meals people ate and how they looked after their teeth.  

In Literacy, we have been using the play The Tempest as inspiration to create an interesting story opening. Once we have completed this Literacy unit, we will be exploring journalistic writing. 

The children have enjoyed their Maths work as we have been focusing on place value. We will then move onto addition and subtraction. The children have been engaging in Times Table Rockstars on a weekly basis, this will help prepare them for the year 4 Times table test. 


 It is a busy first term back and we are always aiming to learn lots and have fun!