Badger class - Year 5 - Mr O'Brien

We have been learning about the beginning of the Tudor period and finding out how the Battle of Bosworth brought Henry VII to the throne. We have been learning about his son and successor, Henry VIII, a fascinating character who played an important part in this country’s history. We will be learning about what crime and punishment was like in this period, including all of the different instruments of torture used to punish people and the unusual reasons for their use. In Literacy, we have been reading the grisly tail of MacBeth and writing instructions about how to make an evil witches’ spell. We have also been writing an entry in MacBeth’s diary detailing one of his most terrible days under the spell of the witches. In Science, we have been learning about what should be included in a healthy diet and finding out by looking at Henry VIII’s diet, that wine, ale and whale meat should not be consumed frequently.


This is Me

We have been learning about the circulatory system in our Science lessons. To show our learning, we used Adobe Spark Video on the iPads to make these presentations. We exported them to iMovie to add titles.